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Cahal Dunne
... Cathal Dunne (born 1951) is an Irish singer, musician, songwriter, comedian, and author, most famous for representing Ireland in the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Happy Man". He has since gained a following performing Irish songs in the United States, where he now lives.
Cahal Dunne
Brian Corr with Cahal Dunne
Cahal Dunne with Brian Corr ~ P1 Early life and career
Cahal Dunne with Brian Corr ~ P2 Eurovision & Emigration
Cahal Dunne with Brian Corr ~ P3 Book 'Athenry'
Cahal Dunne with Brian Corr ~ P4 Irish Mums and Irish tours
P1 - 'Báidín Fheilimí' (Paidin's Little Boat) sung by Na Casadaigh and 'Shalom' sung by Cahal Dunne
P2 - 'Happy Man' and a medley of Irish oldtime songs, all by Cahal Dunne
P3 - Fields of Athenry by Paddy Reilly and 'Erin go Bragh / Ireland Forever' by Cahal Dunne
P4 - 'Mamas have a secret' by Cahal Dunne

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You can sample / buy 'Athenry' on Cahal's website
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