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Fiona Rea
... Fiona Rea has a passion for storytelling. After winning WAM Song-of-the-Year for the internationally acclaimed ballad 'Take Me Home' with Them Little Secrets, Fiona has collaborated regularly with a variety of gifted artists, and has featured on tours & festivals both in Australia and abroad.
Fred Rea
Brian Corr with Fiona Rea
 1. 2021 08 Fiona Rea - WA - P1 with Brian Corr, song Them Little Secrets (with Fiona Rea)
 2. 2021 08 Fiona Rea - WA - P2 with Brian Corr, songs Paper Moon and Them Little Secrets
 3. 2021 08 Fiona Rea - WA - P3 with Brian Corr, song 'The Stars' (single release)
P1 - 'She loves love' sung by Them Little Secrets
P2 - 'I wish I knew how it would feel to be free' by Paper Moon + 'Take Me Home' by Them Little Secrets

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