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Fred Rea
... Fred Rea, born 1949 in Cork, talks of his early days and musical influences in Ireland, his trade as a printer, and coming to Australia. Fred was a member of the Perth band "The Quarefellas" in the 1960's. In 2011, Fred and his wife Lilly were awarded the prestigious 'Brendan Award' for outstanding service to the Irish community in Australia.
Fred Rea
Brian Corr with Fred Rea
Fred Rea with Brian Corr ~ P1 - Growing up in Cork
Fred Rea with Brian Corr ~ P2 - Coming to Australia and Bonnets Trip
Fred Rea with Brian Corr ~ P3 - Workhouse Women and Travel Boxes
Fred Rea with Brian Corr ~ P4 - Martin O'Meara and Brendan Award
Fred Rea with Brian Corr ~ P5 - Irish Scene Magazine and Tasmania
P1 - 'The Green Garden' sung by Fred Rea
P2 - 'The Moonshiner' by The Quarefellas (Fred Rea on vocals) + 'Christina, Take Me Home' by Fiona Rea
P3 - 'An Gorta Mor' by Fiona Rea + 'My Green Valleys' by Fred Rea
P4 - 'We shall remember' + 'If we only had old Ireland over here' both by Fred Rea
P5 - 'We are Australian' + 'The Bells of Ireland' both by Fred Rea

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